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"A first class system of early childhood education is the hallmark of a caring and civilized society" (Andy Hargreaves)

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At Sesame Club, we create play based learning environments that allow children to learn through discovery and experimentation. Our highly trained staff oversees children’s play to encourage enquiry and secure children’s safety at all times. In addition, we are keen to provide 21st Century childcare and developmentally appropriate education that prepares children to become well-balanced individuals in the future.

Our Branches


Tolip New Cairo: Road 90, Al Narges District, Besides Gate 5 Tolip Club

Tel: (02) 26190090

Mob: 01004992207


Dyar Compound: 5th Settlement

Tel: (02)26413177

Mob: 01094258500 - 01017600550 - 01099374449 (WhatsApp only)


Rehab City: Rehab Club Extension, in front of 31st Group (villas), New Cairo

Tel: (02) 26074482 - (02) 26927522

Mob: 01017600561


Heliopolis: 8, Kom Ombo, off El Hegaz St.

Tel: (02) 26344333

Mob: 01061400004


Aerosport Branch: Airport road

Tel: (02) 22684173

Mob: 01017600558


Maadi: 7, El Horia Square

Tel: (02) 27508128

Mob: 01061202777

"Language opens doors. It unlocks the world of reading and the imagination, the excitement of writing, the capacity to explore new subjects and releases our potential to learn and grow as an individual." (Jane Harley)



Learning a second language at a young age can improve brain development, sharpen memory, and enhance creativity and cognitive skills while learning new vocabulary and grammar rules. This leads to better planning, focus, goal achievement, multitasking, and critical thinking skills as adults compared to those who only speak one language.



L'acquisition d'une deuxième langue pendant l'enfance peut améliorer la croissance cérébrale, renforcer les capacités de rappel et cultiver l'inventivité et l'aptitude mentale grâce à l'acquisition d'un nouveau vocabulaire et de structures grammaticales. Cela aboutit à une organisation accrue, à l'attention, à la réalisation des aspirations, au multitâche et à la pensée analytique plus tard dans la vie, par opposition aux individus monolingues.

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Heliopolis: 8, Kom Ombo, off El Hegaz St.